Callaway Handicapping System

Callaway Handicapping System 1.14

Score golf matches using the Callaway method

Makes the score somewhat fairer for non-professional players who are playing against pro golfers by employing the Callaway handicapping method.

Callaway Handicapping System from Golf Computer Systems is a software product used to score golf events using the Callaway method of handicapping. The Callaway handicapping method was designed to provide a means of handicapping golfers and non-golfers playing in the same event, bringing some semblance of equity to their scores so that they can be fairly ranked against each other.

Callaway handicapping requires hole by hole score entry in order to calculate the Callaway "handicap". The handicap is deducted from the player's adjusted gross score (adjusted so that no hole is scored at more than twice its Par) to arrive at a Net score, and it is this Net score that is used to rank the field for an order of merit.

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